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Why You Need an Estate Plan

If you don’t plan your own estate, Uncle Sam and the courts will plan for you. But of course, Uncle Sam’s default estate plan usually includes lengthy and costly court proceedings which translates to additional stress on your spouse, partner, children, loved ones, who will already be struggling with their grief.

Don’t Procrastinate About Something So Important

No one knows what the next day bears for his or her health and welfare so plan wisely now — before you need it.  Consider these young deaths: Michael Jackson (50); Elvis (42); JFK, Jr.(39); Farrah Fawcett (62); John Lennon (40); James Dean (24); John Ritter (54), George Harrison (58), Princess Diana (36).

Each Person’s Estate Plan is Unique

Young families have different needs and concerns than retired persons.  A college student’s estate plan can be as simple as an advance healthcare directive (free on the internet). A young family’s estate plan can be as simple as a statutory will (free on the internet) naming guardians and custodians for minor children. A retired couple’s estate plan can be a revocable trust-based plan to avoid probate court proceedings, incapacity and provide for loved ones.

Have You Considered:

  • If you have minor children, have you named guardians?
  • What will happen if you suddenly die?
  • What will happen if you suddenly become incapacitated?
  • Will your estate avoid probate?
  • Do you have a succession plan for your business?
  • Is your estate planned to save taxes?
  • Who will inherit your property and assets?
  • What are the best procedures for the smoothest administration for your family?
  • Have you planned for your children?


An estate plan is your unique set of documents to memorialize your hopes, dreams and concerns.

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